Monday, August 03, 2009

Elano does sarcasm

From the

"I'm very, very sad to be leaving Manchester City. I loved the club and I loved England. I'm sad to leave all the friends I made and the fans. I wanted to stay but circumstances forced me out. I wasn't used properly by the manager.

"People within the club know what happened to me because I'd had very, very good times there.

"The manager has built a team the way he likes and, because of this, I expect him to win the Premier League this season."

Humour aside, there is an important made in Elano's comments; 'The manager has built a team the way he likes'. This is of course true and shows the control that Mark Hughes has in that he has been afforded the time and resources to build his team.

Looking at the squad now compared to the one he inherited, he has the players he wants. This of course brings added pressure in that he will now stand or fall on the decisions he has made.

Juding by his comments he has made in recent times, he does seem to be up for the fight though.

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Anonymous said...

.... elano is already in a Turkish sex scandal apparently !!
what was the fee we rcvd on him -any idea ?

Total Manchester City said...

About 8 million what we paid out to begin with good player seems like a major ego

sex scandal doesnt surprize me !!

didnt he get his lad out all over the internet not so long ago !!

I know Robinho wont be happy but if this is the best for the dressing room so be it