Friday, July 03, 2009

Would Michael Owen have been a good signing?

I've posted more in depth on Michael Owen over at Football Rants, and whilst the signing has potential (and definitely beneficial for Owen) I do think that the press would have really put the knife into him had he landed at Hull or Stoke as opposed to the move being a great opportunity.

Whilst we are still believed to be pursuing Carlos Tevez and/or Samuel Eto'o, I can't help but wonder if Owen would have been a great fit in our line-up with the attacking prowess that we have. Looking at the deal, it was reported as being a two-year contract at £40,000 per week so would not have represented a huge gamble on our part.

The lack of a true goalscorer was one of our failings last season and whilst the signing of Santa Cruz should address this, would Owen have been worth a gamble?

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Anonymous said...

I have to say there is a difference in him being a good signing for us. For the stage we are at he would have been a decent signing, for the stage united are at he is a desperation signing.

Anonymous said...

This would have been a typical City signing 2-3 years ago, how times have changed!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no and errr no... past it, injury prone, waste of space. Would rather play the likes of Caicedo, Boj or Bellamy ahead of him.

Anonymous said...

A good signing for City? Not where we are going! A good signing for the rags though as he's cheap and will probably score more goals than Berbaflop next season, maybe even as many as 3...

Anonymous said...

There is a New World Order in the Premier League.
We are easing ourselves into a prominant position not only as a club but also as a fan base.
The old rules and old order are being torn down.
The Dark side are in total confusion . I have hated thier publicity machine and can predict its moves.
Owen is now unveiled as a world beater ideal for inclusion in the next England team.
Gloss the bad accentuate the good they use the same tactics down the years and the idiot media fall in line to party policy.
Owen has lost his pace,
words will not restore it.
The dark side are manipulating the willing media, black becomes white a crap player is now worthy of an England place.
Owen is a gamble a big gamble but it can generate if manipulated positive publicity so watch SSN and see the cheap trick work..... for now.

Anonymous said...

Er...? No!

Last week like everyone else, bar Hull and Stoke, we didn't even consider him. And rightly so IMO. He couldn't even get in Newcastle's team in the end!

But now he's gone to the swamp he's suddenly a great fit..?

Oh please!

Anonymous said...

Shearer perservered with him and he didn't deliver for them when it mattered. It only looks good on paper because bacon face has signed him, so people start to think , he must rate him.

We are trying to sign Eto'o and they are trying to sign Owen. How hard do you think that must be for a glory hunting rag to take? Given his Liverpool connections it makes it doubly bad.

Anonymous said...

You have to hand it to Fergerson, he is possibly not only the most successful manager of all time, he now negotiates with a player who's name represents the financial situation of his club, Owen!!

Henry Crun said...

Perhaps Hargreaves is feeling lonely in the treatment room so Ferguson signed Owen to keep him company.