Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tevez unveiled

“We are looking to strengthen areas of the team,” he confirmed. “Carlos is one of the top strikers in world football and his capture is a fantastic thing for the club and for the fans. He plays with his heart and has great love of football that is there for all to see.

“I want options of flexibility in terms of both personal and tactics. I want players who can produce moments of magic that can turn games. I now have those at the club and we will be working exceptionally hard to give City fans success.">>Mark Hughes.

"City came to me with a very good proposal," Tevez said, speaking via a translator. "They showed me how City has the ambition to become one of the biggest clubs in the world and I was very happy to join.">>Carlos Tevez

"I half-expected Carlos Tevez would be going a long time back," said the United boss. "I think he maybe did a deal around January because I spoke to him and gave him an offer on the night we played Inter Milan and he never came back to me.

"I phoned him on holiday and he never got back to me and I texted him twice and he never got back to me then either, so obviously he had made his mind up a long time ago.

"He was a good player and did well for us. But he obviously assessed the situation and wanted to go somewhere else.">>Alex Ferguson

Carlos Tevez was finally unvelied as a City player this afternoon after much speculation over the past few weeks.

Whether Tevez was truly sold on the 'vision' the club has, he felt unloved and underappreciated at Manchester United or whether he was offered all the oil in the Middle East, there is no escaping the fact that we have landed ourselves a very good player.

I know those who write about City are guilty of discussing whether certain players are 'Hughes players', but Tevez fits the profile in terms of commitment, workrate and desire. Tevez has been labelled as a mercenary in some quarters but whether it has been for West Ham or Manchester United, he has been nothing but wholehearted and appears to have a great attitude.

For all that United fans are trying to talk Tevez down (at the same time talking the option of Michael Owen up) he will add genuine quality and industry in attack and I don't see Tevez sitting on the bench too often this season as he will be a key part of the team.

It was confirmed that Tevez will wear the number 32 shirt for us, niftily displaying the new kit which is shortly to be launched. Dubious choice of headwear though.

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Anonymous said...

iv read the post the man u fans have said about Tevez, just leave him alone, hes a would class player, and im so glad hes sign for city.
i think the man u fans are a bit pissoff at Ferguson. Quote Sir Alex Ferguson last night put away his chequebook then defended his frugal summer spending, saying he is not prepared to pay "stupid" money for players.

The guys has spent so much more money on players then city have ever dreamed, UNTIL NOW :)

Anonymous said...

Go Carlos go !!!! We love you Carlitos !!! Im your fan number 1 !!!
In Boca Juniors we miss you !!!
Fans of Manchester City: enjoy Carlos...
Abrazo desde Argentina !!

Stevie Blue said...

Is Carlos trying the Rab C Nesbitt look? I see Fergus of the swamp has been gobbing off about over-inflated transfer fees. He's stoked the transfer furnace enough in the past. Remember 'Plug' (Ferdinand), wasn't that nearly £30m? I could fill the page with others, but I wouldn't want to embarass the poor senile sod.

City are now in the enviable position of being able to bid for anyone. How the tables have turned! The big four cartel have had it all their own way for far too long. The City revolution has begun and is shocking them. 'They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwairing.' Wise words, BEWARE! We're coming for you. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Doc T said...

From a new MCFC fan: new kit looks great...classy. Tevez may not be a stylish player but he is a world class goal scorer and a winner everywhere he goes. We are lucky to get him.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but comment on this last article from 'Doc T'.It states he is a 'NEW MCFC fan'. Take it from me as a red you are going to get a lot of this. People call us glory hunters but you will get your fair share. Don't believe me? Look at the EXTRA season tickets sold as soon as Robinho signed. For all United fans talking Tevez down get a grip. The bloke is pure class. Worth three of Berbatov and six of Owen. City have signed some player. He will be sorely missed. Roll on derby day.