Monday, July 06, 2009

Terry 'not for sale'

"I think that Terry is a symbol of the team," he said. "Naturally he will be the captain next time; he says he wants to be at Chelsea next season and we want to keep him forever. There is no price – he will be captain of Chelsea forever.

"There is no problem. For him, for us, the story continues for Chelsea. For captain I would like to have Terry. He is very close to [Paolo] Maldini in professionalism and I would like to keep him as captain."
>>Carlo Ancelotti.

It was of course Carlo Ancelotti's first press conference as Chelsea manager this morning, and inevitably the focus would be on the subject of John Terry's future.

The press this morning (on the back of the Sunday's) was full of the suggestion that Terry could indeed be tempted by a move. A key point was that it was reported that Chelsea themselves could not be keen on a deal, possibly due to being less than enamoured with Terry himself and the belief he could be using our interest as leverage for a new (and much improved) deal.

Whilst there has still been on official word from Terry himself, Ancelotti's comments appear to be unequivocal in their tone and that (as thought) Chelsea are not willing to entertain the possibility of letting Terry leave.

We could of course go back in with a further bid for him, but clearly an improved offer to Chelsea is not likely to see them waver. Any deal does now seem to be dead in the water and it really would take a huge announcement from Terry to resurrect anything - something that is extrememely unlikely.

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Guernican said...

To be honest, he's been struggling with back injuries for the last 18 months. If it wasn't for the fact that the knuckle-draggers would howl if he went, I'd say take him.

Gary said...

We need Terry to say something, I can not imagine we would keep going after him if he hasn't shown an interest.

Anonymous said...

Oh of course you don't keep chasing a player if he or the club don't show some interest?... just like Kaka, Eto, Buffon et al eh?
No wonder your song is all about blue moons ;-)

Gary said...

There was no proof wewent for Buffon and no bid made, Eto'o is having a debate with Barca because he wants a pay off before he comes and Milan pulled out of Kaka deal!

And you do not continue to try and take a player like Terry away from a club like Chelsea if there is no encouragement, in my opinion anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think Citys interest is more in making themselves feel better after Chelsea took away their best young homegrown player for a fee to be set by tribunal. There has never been any chance of Terry leaving Stamford Bridge for Manchester and, yet again City are learning the hard way on how to go about business in todays transfer market. City would do well to avoid clubs that are seen to be major players in todays European football n concentrate on cherry picking young talent from clubs of their own current stature n below.

The Citizen said...

hughes said patience is the key. he wasn't kidding.