Thursday, July 09, 2009

Sturridge on his move to Chelsea

'My motivation [for moving] was to play in the Champions League,' he explained at Cobham, midway between Thursday's two training sessions.

'I am a young player but I am very ambitious and I want to push myself to the highest level and play with the best players in the world. I believe that I can achieve big things here at Chelsea.

'But I am going to be very patient,' he qualifies, 'because I know there are world class players here and I am not going to get upset if I am not playing because it is very long season. There are going to be a lot of games and hopefully as the season goes on there are going to be opportunities so I can show the fans what abilities I have.

'I am not saying that Man City haven't got ambitions for the Champions League, or for any competition, but Chelsea is a fresh start for me and I believe that coming here will make me a better player.

'Man City is the past and Chelsea is the future for me.'


Not a huge amount of interest in his press conference (video via BBC Sport here) but what was noticeable was the lack of any discussion regarding the contract offer (or lack of it) from us and whether or not he considered re-signing at any stage.

Obviously the press conference was very much Chelsea centred, so it may be worth looking out for any comments from Mark Hughes or the club that come out the next day or so.

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Anonymous said...

So the Ego has landed at Chelsea dragging behind him a rag tag and bob tail bunch of self interested advisers.
A selfish self important non team type player. Would only play when it suited and quick to cry off when it did not.
Good riddance his excuses for a move do not ring true.....If they do not want to play for the shirt let him go there are others coming up a lot better balanced emotionally.

Anonymous said...

Signed for 35grand a week - 20k less than Man City. Lack of any Euro football will kill most signings City want to make.