Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New website launched

The new website was finally launched today, and all appears to now be working following the teething problems they experienced first thing.

As for the look of the site, it looks fine. I've never been a huge user of the website anyway (mainly using it for ticket and fixture news). It does look a lot cleaner looking than the old site but whether it was worth the hype ahead of the launch I'm not too sure.


vote it up!


BlueBoy said...

Can understand people that aren't really interested, and to be honest fanzines are usually a more interesting read then the official site...

BUT, i think it's fantastic. It works well, loads of footage to mull over on there, every single pic on there is top quality, and well, it looks so classy. There's obviously lots of thought, work and care gone into the site, and i say credit where it's due.

Chris said...

Well i agree with you and for me the site looks great , but i think they have small start problem cos me and ader have problem to playing of the video they have , in one minutt they works ok but in next munitt they not.

but this is things i think will be ok soon , so i have to give them 9 of 10 points

Anonymous said...

Looks classy. Much improved from the old site, BUT I have to scroll to see most of the info on the pages. All I seee on my laptop is a huge image on most of the pages - everything is huge.

7/10 from me.