Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lescott bid rejected

Everton have rejected Manchester City's latest offer of £18m for Joleon Lescott.

City contacted the Club with an increased bid for the central defender but the Blues have turned down the offer.

Earlier this summer, the Eastlands club had a bid of £15m rejected, with David Moyes declaring that no player will leave Everton this summer without his approval.

Lescott is currently in the USA with the rest of the Everton squad.

A Club statement read: "Everton Football Club can confirm it has received an offer of £18m for Joleon Lescott from Manchester City and that offer has been rejected outright."


With the recent arrivals and departures that we have seen, I do think Hughes is one central defender short of concluding his transfer business for the summer. Lescott is clearly the final player he wants, and I'm sure he would want a deal concluded by early next week.

Everton - quite rightly so - look to be playing hardball, and with Phil Jagielka absent from the start of the season and no direct replacement for Lescott (so far) why wouldn't they be?

Perhaps they are stalling to squeeze a higher fee, or to bide themselves time to land a replacement. Or perhaps both.

What I think is clear from what we have seen during the whole Lescott 'business' is that it will likely need him to take the initiative if he does want to leave.

And so far we have seen no sign one way or the other of his intentions.

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The Citizen said...

Given that Jagielka is out for a while, I suspect this deal may not happen. It is likely to take a mad bid from City and an even Madder decision by everton to sell. For now I am happy to stick with Kolo, Neds and the Dunnymonster

Anonymous said...

The article quite rightly states we do not want to sell, as we do not have a replacment for lescote. On the other hand I beleive the deal is already done with Jo(loan) and Onuoha + 20 mil.