Saturday, July 04, 2009

A further bid for Terry?

The Independent this morning suggests we could well try again for John Terry, raising our offer to £40 million pounds and making him the first £300,000 a week footballer:

Manchester City's pursuit of John Terry is not over and they are now considering increasing the pressure on Chelsea with a second bid for the England captain in excess of the £30m deal that was rejected on Thursday night. Chelsea are opposed to losing their captain but it is understood that Terry could yet opt to leave.
The article also states that there may be some indication that Terry at the very least would be open to discussions:
There is no doubt that City's executive chairman, Garry Cook, would not have made the offer to Chelsea had he not been receiving some encouragement that Terry would be amenable to a move. As a former Chelsea player, the City manager Mark Hughes has close contacts with his ex-club, including those individuals close to the players.
If a firm offer hadn't been made for Terry, this would strike you as a classic summer transfer non-story. The press could now well be dragging this out for all the column inches it's worth, but maybe, just maybe there may actually be a degree of truth to it.

I still maintain that I would be amazed if this offer ever amounted to anything, yet perhaps there has been encouragement of some sort from Terry in which case expect a follow up bid to materialise.

Of course, on the other hand it could all be a retaliatory gesture designed to hack Chelsea off over the Daniel Sturridge affair.

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Anonymous said...

sparky knows dam right, we will never get terry. He is just doing it to cause troblem and play games, showing if we want him we can afford him. Sparky you are a god. city till i die...
Bring on tevez and eto.. shoud make the derby intresting, how do united feel about having to scousers up front lol.

Anonymous said...

Terry could well sign for city, his position at Chelsea is not what it used to be and he'd benifit from the move!

Anonymous said...

Citeh eh? what a bunch of wasters, From Stamford bridge to Wembley We;ll KTBFFH