Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bid for Adebayor reported

The mornings press is dominated by news that we have bid for Emmanuele Adebayor, with The Independent, Telegraph and Mail all reporting bids of between £20-£25 million for the Arsenal forward.

It does appear that Arsenal would be in selling mood, and Adebayor will in all likelihood be keen - seeing his wages likely doubled less than a year after his previous 50% hike in salary. I knew Adebayor wasn't the most universally liked player at Arsenal, but the weight of opinion against him has been surprising since the story broke and I don't think it is a case of sour grapes after the event like we saw when Gareth Barry moved from Aston Villa. There really does appear to be a genuine dislike for Adebayor amongst Arsenal fans.

A player with character issues doesn't seem to be the most obvious choice for Mark Hughes, and given the anti-Anelka feeling that developed in certain sections of the City crowd, he may not be set to become a terrace idol anytime soon. Hughes, if nothing else though, is a combative type, and I'm sure would back himself to manager players deemed to be troublemakers.

I don't have a problem with the signing in terms of fitting him into the team either. My concern with Adebayor is that he does not seem a natural goalscorer, but his record is a decent one and if nothing else, we would have plenty of variety and options. Although there is no European competition this season, we really do need to carry four top forwards, and given that our options in attack for the large part last season were a choice of Robinho plus one of Evans, Caicedo, Sturridge or a returning Bojinov, it is clear we needed to seriously upgrade.


The BBC are reporting that we are in negotiations with Arsenal, taking the early morning reports one step further.

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DannyGooner said...

he worked extremely hard for his bumper contract, that same season rio ferdinand said he was the hardest striker in the prem to mark.

roll on next season and a HUGE pay increase, and he wanders around the pitch not looking even remotely bothered.

then comes his chance against rio again in the camps league semi's and the man utd centre halves couldnt have had it any easier.

it definately isnt sour grapes now hes going, there were rumblings on the terraces for weeks before the end of the season.

Ta Da Ade, you got your money and now you can get more - right up your street.

Anonymous said...

The reason us gooners are happy to see him go (for a good wedge of course) is that he is very wastwful in front of goal and cant play offside if his togan backside depended on it.
His flashes of brilliance are too far apart for a top team. Good enough for you though.

Tux said...

When he tries he is a great player, the sad fact is he didn't seem at all bothered last season.

Could be a good deal for both parties as Arsenal could do with the cash and City will get a good player who when motivated is a great player.

gazzap said...

Another gooner here. agree with Tux - great player when he wants to be, but his relationship with the arsenal fans has broken down and now we are never likely to see him near his best for Arsenal. if he can wake up and realise that he does actually need to try - then he can be a great player for anyone, anywhere.
It could be a good deal for both parties.

Anonymous said...

Not all gooners want him gone - It seems a lot of fans have their own vendetta against him. but fact is he scored 1 every 2 games for us,leads the line well on his own, can link play and bring in others,and scores important goals. even though his goal scoring record is comparable to torres and better than the likes of rooney berbatov, defoe, keane (check the stats if you dont believe me)some of our shameful idiotic,jump on the bandwagon, media loving supporters want him gone. go figure - even utd fans didnt give ronaldo this much stick when he got their hero rooney sent off and flirted with madrid or chelsea fans didnt say nothing to drogba for wanting to go to mouriniho when scolari was in charge!!
shameful really!!


chopper said...

don't mistake bloggers (aka slaggers) for fans - most gooners are more than happy with adebayor's contribution and would be sorry to see him go. he's a top class player already and will only get better.

bloggers/slaggers are only interested in getting hits and sadly the majority of bored bigmouths on the net respond more readily to negative comment.