Saturday, June 20, 2009

And then there were two

So it would seem.

News broke earlier today that Tevez had decided to reject United's offer for him (after they had met the previously agreed valuation) with

Reports have since surfaced that Kia Joorabchian suggested it is between ourselves and Chelsea to land him. On the surface, if one of the principle reasons Tevez decided to reject United was his lack of regular playing time during 2008/09, would Chelsea be a consideration given he may find himself in exactly the same situation? Even with the imminent arrival of Roque Santa Cruz you have to think Tevez would be a certainty to start, and from a financial aspect I don't see us being outbid by Chelsea on any wage demands.

It appears to be edging closer.

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Anonymous said...

wage demands ??
>how about european football,more to the point champions league football !!!!!,city will never be able to offer that,and as for winning the title.......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

Anonymous said...

He probably wants to play in the CL.

Anonymous said...

wage demands ??
>how about european football,more to the point champions league football !!!!!,city will never be able to offer that,and as for winning the title.......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

Why is this saddo above reading city blogs,let me guess hes like all the other rags hes getting worried

Anonymous said...

Clearly Dis-United are clearly that much in debt, Tevez was worried he might not get paid and left.

Anonymous said...

How sad and odd that an anonymous red half wit posts on one of Gods own Football Club's site's.
Should really seek medical advise for delusional behaviour and depression.
Two major players walking away from his over leveraged outfit without a second thought and a debt running at £746 million and rising.
We should pity them.
But I wont !
It shows we have them rattled to hell , intend to make any red's life a misary when Tevez becomes a blue.
33 years and I'm still here the wheel has turned !

Adrian said...

I think Manchester City are laughable. Tevez is a world class player, and the guy who posted this blog is arrogant to say its pretty much a forgone conclusion this guy is coming to city. You spent 12 million on Bellamy in January and the guy will be on the bench if tevez does arrive. You moan about how people complain you are ruining football, but can you honestly say you earnt the right to bid for these world class players such as tevez, john terry and kaka in january? Yes, Real madrid are spending obscene amounts of cash but they are one the greatest clubs in football history. Chelsea have done that in the past too, but by god they earnt the right to do that before abramovich arrived, they were in the top four at least 5 years before he arrived. City were fighting relegation before your rich arab arrived, why dont you the fans, and the club be a little bit humble, buy yourself a strong foundation and when you actually manage to qualify for european football start talking about higher class players.

Good luck to city eventually buying their way from total sh*t to success but dont expect every player to be a money grabber like robinho - becuase lets face it guys thats all you have to offer other than an idiot manager that thinks he can tempt the best players in the world to a mediocre (and lets not forget earlier this season, relegation fighting) team.

Anonymous said...

Did we want or asked for a pompous self rightous prig called Adrian to lecture us on what he percieves as factual in a condecending manner ?
Guess you are just an uninformed brat with an ego.
We do not have to earn any right to compete with the self protecting clique of british and european club's.
Our history is a rich tapestry of achievement and it may suprise a fool like you but there was life before the premier League.
We do not have to go through some kind of apprenticeship to spend the club's money as you suggest.
Unlike Chelsea or the self protecting other top 4 we are not debt ridden and can still afford top class players without going cap in hand to borrow.
Would also point out what an ignorant tosser you are in that we reached the EUFA quarter finals last season .
At no point were we fighting relegation either so add self delusion to your other charmless, priggish overconfidant and self important character defects.
Suggest you confine yourself to lecturing and lying to children in future, grown up's see you for the self important fool you are.
Keep your meaningless good wish's for our future, the richest club in the world and its fans do not give a shit what you think.

tony c. said...

"they earnt the right to do that before abramovich arrived"

Chelsea had built their side on the back of Mathew Harding's money and since his death had been heading towards financial meltdown - Leeds United - until Abramovich bailed them out. Typical rag's selective view of history.

Mr.M.Buchan said...

'Our history is a rich tapestry of achievement...'

'Should really seek medical advise for delusional behaviour...'

Anonymous said...

Buchan must do better ! Write out 100 times
"I must not copy other peoples insults and pretend they are my own"
Now fuck off back to your nursery.