Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tottenham 2 City 1

I guess you can only cling onto something for so long before it gives way, which fairly sums up the past few weeks as we held onto the hope of that final seventh position in the table which would provide a route into Europe next season.

As it is, todays 2-1 defeat at White Hart Lane mathematically ends any prospect of us finishing that high in the table and leaves a straight fight between Tottenham and Fulham for that final place.

To try and illustrate any positives feels like an attempt to clutch at straws, so the plus points of a start for Petrov and a goal for Bojinov seems somewhat of an ambitious attempt to take something from the defeat.

Another away defeat then, and from reading the reports and post match comments etc they could well have come from any number of away games this season - a hard luck story, chances to win the game but ultimately contributing to our own downfall.

There is the old saying that 'the table doesn't lie', and our current position clearly shows that over the course of the season we ultimately haven't been good or consistent enough, with what seems a very lengthy season now almost coming to a close before the inevitable post mortems begin.

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avisie said...

Im a spurs fan so I was happy with the 3 points but the decision to give the penalty was a joke. Given already had the ball in his hands when Campbell went down!

Tough for your lot but Im sure you'll come back stronger next season. I dont think it will be too healthy for City if they start building a Galatico's style side. Just a few additions should sort you out. That Elano is a lazy bugger though, despite his undoubted skill I think he will be sold. Probably end up at Spurs!

Anonymous said...

pmsl. Richards should take up rugby.

Anonymous said...

avisie is clearly a Citeh fan pretending to be a Spurs fan

Anonymous said...

b4 all the post mortems start might as well start the ball rolling on why Hughes should stay.
Not yet another managerial upheaval in the summer,with all the back room staff leave and the abundance of playing staff who should leave await the next manager's decision.By my reckoning there are approx 10-18 players leaving {incl end of contracts}plus 2-3 players who could be loaned out for year experience in the first team thus allowing MH to purchase 5-6 players and promoting from the Jim Cassels Academy 3-4 players.
The only managerial candidate worth considering in my opinion would be Hiddink with EPL and intl experience. Mancini/Klinsmann/Rykard are too much of a risk.
On a personal note thank you for an excellent season of blog reports.