Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raul rebuffs approach

"It's true that there has been contact with my representative Gines Carvajal from Manchester City, but I've not considered it because I'm not going to leave here. This is my club, and I want to finish my playing career here.

"When they told me of Manchester City's offer I didn't have a single moment's doubt. My place is here and I still think I can help the team win titles."


I did initially think that this story was merely rumour, but it does seem as though there is at least some substance to it.

I am though sceptical of exactly what 'contact' was made to Raul, and would be surprised if it was direct from the club as I don't see him being the type of player Mark Hughes would look for, more like it coming from one of the supposed network of agents or representatives we have seen alledgee to have links to the club.

There has been plenty of discussion over at we've got robinho about the merits of adding Raul, and I must say I am in agreement with the general feeling over there. The reported fee, plus his advancing years (despite him being only 31) do inicate his best years are all but behind him and a more clinical goalscorer must surely be higher on the agenda.

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