Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jo interview

"I find it strange because I had quite a good start and then for some reason – something that has never been explained to me – I was suddenly no longer playing. I was training well, like I normally do, but I didn't have happiness."

Quite a nice piece in The Guardian in which Jo lifts the lid on one or two of the differences in the approach between Everton and ourselves.

Worth a read.

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tommytheblue said...

Daniel Taylor is a gobshite, i would take any he has written with a pinch of salt.

but Jo has been treated unfairly, considering the time hughes has given to Evans who is the poorest choice of them all... it's a real kick in the teeth

Boombastic said...

Jo has shown himself to be a talent at Everton and all he really needed was a good run in the first team. I really can't understand why City would spend so much money on Bellamy who is Mr Average when you had such a great player rotting in the reserves.