Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Club deny Mourinho link

Following the publication of an article in today’s Sun newspaper by Ian McGarry which states that Jose Mourinho has rejected a £12.5million offer to manage Manchester City Football Club, the Club would like to clarify the following. The article is completely without foundation and the Club is considering legal action to address the matter.

I hadn't actually caught this story this morning so wasn't aware of it until the denial was issued.

Given their track record (remember Robinho being so desperate to move to Chelsea in January), the fact that it was written by Ian McGarry and appeared in The Sun says everything about the validity of it.

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Anonymous said...

'Who is Manchester City ? 10th place Premier, the second club in their own city ( at 30 points of United ), at 9 points of relagation zone, dreaming to get 7th to enter via back-door to EUFA next year, will be out in quater- final EUFA this year by Hamburgo, 30 years winnig no title ¡ wth a manager who has no footbal idea, with the best world player Robinho, JAJAJA ¡ Do you really think any world top class player or a big manager as Mourinho is going to play there because of money ? Come on open your eyes ¡ '

Anonymous said...

^ whats a matter you?

you thinka city afta a year of tha money will a be a success? YOu a thinka mourinho wants to staya in italy wherea he it is not competative asa premier leagua. We he prefer lota money, in the best leagua in the worlda an a chance to prova he a best in tha worlde.

Hughesa isa crapa manager witha no clue whata to do. Oncea city sack hima the betta. Blackburn mark 11 is nota good enougha.


Anonymous said...

ian mcgarry is to put it bluntly ....a cunt

Benford said...

If you've got nowt constructive to say, don't bother saying it, "anonymous" (shame you didn't feel braver enough to leave a real name.)

Back to the original story - McGarry is a tool. Plain and simple.

Benford said...

Oh by the way, I was referring to the first anonymous comment.

And yes, McGarry is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benford, Im the first anonymous
DO you
think I´m shame or not braver enough to leave my real name.)here you´ve got it, my name is Phil Toti from Manchester. What´s your problem mate ? Did I say any lie ? Are you a second-club or are you a top club? look at you curriculum ¡ you problem is that you believe in your fucky owner who think they can make a top club because of money, poor dreamer, How many top world- class player have say NO¡ at the moment ¡
if you are from Manchester and wish to see me face to face ask me my phone in other comment I´ll show you my brave ¡