Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bellamy misses Wales games

Wales have confirmed that captain Craig Bellamy will miss Wednesday night's World Cup qualifier against Germany.

The Manchester City striker only recently returned to action after a knee injury and has been sent back to his club for further treatment on the problem.

A spokesman said: "Craig has difficulty playing two games in five days and, although we have tried to keep this quiet, he returned to his club today."


I would imagine (or hope at least) this to be a reaction to his recent injury, which is often the case when a player comes back from a spell out.

Too early to say whether he will be fit for this weekends game at Arsenal, but given the importance of the Hamburg fixture next week - especially with Valeri Bojinov unavailable, it would probably make sense to show a degree of caution.

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tommytheblue said...

he's a `crock...i warned people about his knees before he signed.

Worrying comments from tosh about not being able to complete two games through his injury problems.

anesha said...

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