Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ticket offer suspended

BARGAIN-hunting City fans have beaten the credit crunch by snapping up all the initial allocation of £5 and ‘kid of a quid’ tickets for the UEFA Cup tie with Hamburg within eight hours of them going on sale.

Around 15,000 seats were snapped up by non-Seasoncard holders and sales are now temporarily suspended.

It appears then that the game is set to be a sell-out, given the assumption that most, if not all season ticket holders will snap up tickets.

It does seem as though the club has been caught out a little bit here and has probably underestimated the demand for tickets given they have had to suspend sales to non-season ticket holders. In retrospect it does seem a strange decision not to have put tickets on sale solely to season ticket holders for an initial period and then open it up to all fans.

You do wonder how many fans who have been to the majority of UEFA Cup games this season are now going to miss out on this tie.

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Anonymous said...

Damned if you do and damned if you dont, 4.05pm in line at Eastlands all tickets gone bar unsold season ticket seats held till Sunday then sale Monday to non season card holders who had thier names taken as reserves today.
Guess the ground sold out in hours and all we are going to read are hard luck stories on all those unlucky enough to miss out.
We have a product and through price have created an overwhelming demand.
Watch this space, the owners want a full capacity stadium on match day and now have a formula to do it.

Patrick said...

It's what the club needs not just for now but to sew those seeds for the future prospective fans.

A very clever move if you ask me because I reckon the fans will brings the best out of the boys and show them really how much support they have out there.

City need to keep doing this from time to time because matches like these can become life changing events for the kids who watch the matches and they will be the future of the club.

We need a bigger fan base so I am glad the club has started the encouragement now.
Beats 26,000 turning up for a higher price in my book when they can sell 47,000 and fill the place.. Com on City!