Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hughes to be offered new contract?

Amidst the preview of today's game from was this interesting bit:

Mark Hughes's future as manager of Manchester City remains a hot topic and sources close to the club suggest there may be a twist to the saga – the offer of a new contract.

The Welshman, who has two years of his current deal to run, has been encouraged by feedback from the club's owners and is ready to make a long-term commitment.

Hughes said: ''I have heard about the possibility of a new contract and hope the owners come in to open talks. Right now, I have no doubt I will be given the opportunity to take the club forward."

This really would add something to the debate about whether or not Hughes is the right man for the job, would it not?

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Gary Nolan said...

If they give him a new contract one thing it will do is change the stereotype of what foreign owners are supposed to be like. I.E wanting quick success and going through managers like nobodys business, would be good if he got one just so you could shove that up platini.