Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Umbro to be confirmed as kit manufacturer?

English Manchester City is believed to be on the verge of
unveiling a lucrative new shirt deal with Umbro. According to the Daily Mail the
club will terminate its four-year GBP 10 million deal with Le Coq Sportif two
years earlier.

My understanding regarding the new kit (on very good authority) was that it was a done deal with Puma, yet this piece (plus chat on the forums) indicate a deal will shortly be announced with Umbro.

Either way, you would imagine an announcement would likely be made over the next few weeks though.

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Anonymous said...

God help us if it's Umbro. After all the cr*p kits we've endured over the years, are we really going to go back and wear that chav garbage when we have the chance to kick on and have something impressive?

Anonymous said...

What a load of CRAP!

If we get this UMBRO Garbage as our kit then it shows that we have moved no where!!


Not this crap!

Joe said...

What's wrong with the Le Coq Sportif kits?

i think the last 2 seasons kits have been great, especially last seasons with the purple away kit!

Granted this seasons orange kit wasn't the most attractive, but atleast it was a bit different...

Gary Nolan said...

Makes me laugh when people are worried about who makes our kits, its irrelevant to what the team does, it isn't a fashion show. I do wonder myself why we havn't got Nike or Adidas in but as I wrote on my own blog, Umbro is a subsidiary of Nike so maybe the plan is for Nike to be our sponsor eventually, perhaps after we are stable or successful, who knows?

Anonymous said...

whoever pays the most, i don't care who makes it