Monday, February 09, 2009

New manager syndrome

There was a time when managers were sacked after games against Manchester City, not in the run up to them.

In the wake of Tony Adams sacking, as we did against Nottingham Forest we will go up against a club who have fired their manager prior to facing us.

I've unsucessfully dug around for some stats to back this out, but it is fair to say that appointing a new manager generally provides a shot in the arm to the club in the short term, which of course could provide an immediate problem to us.

There is still plenty of time for a new manager to be appointed at Portsmouth, but I think given the haste in which Adams was appointed, they may be more circumspect this time around. Whether or not it is a permanent or caretaker manager we come up against though, inevitably our opponents are going to be a tougher proposition than the mess Portsmouth have been in recent weeks (admittedly with luck not particularly in their favour).

Portsmouth, it seemed, provided an ideal chance for us to generate some form on our travels, but now with Adams's departure coupled with the suspension of Shaun Wright-Phillips will make Saturday's game in hand an altogether tougher proposition.

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newsoftheblues said...

i thinkt he fink tank discusses the science of sacking and hiring managers.

pompey are due a streak of good results which would of come with or without adams..we could be the catalyst

Wigan Blue said...

Perfect opportunity to observe MH's 'Work in Progress'. We beat them 6 - 0 when he still had to use Sven's cast-offs in his team. Now its all down to the players he has brought in. Of course they are at home so a reasonable scoreline should be 0 - 9?