Monday, February 09, 2009

Jo on his Everton debut

‘I had forgotten just how good it feels coming off the pitch after everything has gone right for you,’ he said.

‘It was great to have that buzz back, and it was down to being part of a settled side, rather than an all-star team of strangers. The lads here are all mates. At City the players are still trying to get to know each other.’
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jackblue said...

Not bothered about Jo he's had his chances. Everton will soon see the real lazy, can't bothered, where's the night clubs, 'player' that City fans saw every week.
More concerned about the run of away matches coming up, Pompey, Copenhagen, Liverpool, West Ham. Time to stand up lads and dig deep.

newsoftheblues said...

get real jack, he's not the only player to go to nightclubs. he's never broken any curfews.

he got 6 starts and never finished one of them... he got his chance is bollocks. Picked scored, dropped. WE talk about giving hughes Time to develop, well why not a 21 yeard old from a different league, with a big expectation.

Hughes constant search for a replacment just belittled and damaged his confidence. We saw in his debut the over dau, that he is a big target man who can hold up the ball and take on defenders and score...isnt that what hughes wanted.

Anonymous said...

I think Everton are certainly a settled side in comparison to City. That is a luxury which is probably at least a season away.

I have to agree with Tommy, Jo was not given a decent enough run of matches, for whatever reason, and that dented his confidence (not the first time for a City striker, Samaras, Bianchi, Corradi, etc).

I hope he does brilliantly at Everton and saves us some cash in the summer ...