Friday, January 09, 2009

Santa Cruz impasse

Or certainly so it seems based on Sam Allardyce's comments:

"It is down to Man City to make the offer and blow us out of the water," said Allardyce.

The Rovers boss said he wanted Santa Cruz to stay but admitted "at the end there is always going to be a price".

Allardyce added: "There is no price we are going to put on Roque's head - obviously, we simply want him to play for us and help us stay in the Premier League, which is the most important thing for me and this club.

"I can't second guess what Manchester City are going to do. Whatever happens between now and next week, as time goes on in this usual transfer window of mayhem, we will wait and see.

"You never say never about anything because you never know what is around the corner when January is on the boil."
Especially when taken into consideration with what Mark Hughes stated yesterday.

Who will blink first then?

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