Saturday, January 10, 2009

Portsmouth open thread

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...assuming the game is still on of course given the pitch inspection this morning:

Referee Mike Dean will inspect the Fratton Park pitch this morning to see if today’s Premier League match against Manchester City can go ahead.

Temperatures last night dipped to below -7 degrees centigrade and have been well below freezing every night this week.

No indication of what time the inspection will be, but it doesn't help most City fans who are already likely to be on the road.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the shambolic performance we will no doubt display today against a team with it heart ripped out will be the final nail in Hughes coffin, how many more 28-29 year old has beens must this man be linked with before the board say enough is enough ? He is not a top manager, he cannot attract big names and he cannot even manage the player he has inherited.

He will be shitting bricks today because hes been slagging half the team off all season, expecting to have them replaced by now. Sadly for him our three best players are on the bench and he now has to try and convince the likes Elano to pull their finger out to save his job when they know they are not wanted at the club. Good luck with that sparky !

newsoftheblues said...

The game might be off, frozen pitch is still a problem at pompey.

Anonymous said...

Match postponed, just been on SKY sports, hughes gets to live another day !