Thursday, January 08, 2009

Portsmouth game in doubt

According to The News:

The wintery weather has meant the Fratton Park pitch is rock hard, forcing Pompey to bring in 12 giant blowers from Bristol in a bid to thaw out the pitch.

The freezing temperatures have seen a flood of matches called-off across the country this week, with pitches ruled unplayable.

But the Blues hope Saturday's crucial game will be able to go ahead as planned.

And they will be buoyed by the expected rise in temperatures before Saturday's 3pm clash.
I know we are struggling for form at present and have the off field distractions of Hughes's future and transfer speculation to contend with, but if anything, Portsmouth are in a far worse position than ourselves and it could be an ideal fixture to kick start a decent run in January.

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tommytheblue said...

what a joke...a premier league side in this day an age struggling with frozen pitches. it's getting warmer now any way.

GAGA said...

I was watchin skysports news the other day when games were being called off at a lower level and they said that prem teams have to have sumut in place so if this is the case and the game is called off we want the points its pathetic at this level if that happens

tommytheblue said...

under soil heating? ^will research that

tommytheblue said...

according to article it's a genuine rule, under soil heating is a requirement. Don't know why pompey pitch hasn't handled the freezing weather well.