Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One problem for another?

So suggests The Telegraph, reporting that a swap deal could be on the cards with Inter which would see Adriano join us in return for Jo heading to the San Siro.

This is largely conjecture I'd imagine, and is based upon this report which states Inter have held a long term interest in Jo - ever since he scored a wonder goal against them in the Champions League.

It's difficult to know what to make of this one, and in all likelihood should be discounted, but it is an intriguing possibility nonetheless.

Adriano is a wonderful talent, who excelled in spells on loan at Parma and Fiorentina before making his mark at Inter. The past couple of seasons have, however, seen a litany of off-field problems with question marks raised against his desire and attitude. He had seemed to have rediscovered some form and favour under Jose Mourinho before falling foul of him recently.

As for Jo, he has struggled mightily at times with us, and he himself is believed to have fallen foul of management - so much so according to reports, that Hughes is desperate to get rid of him at the earliest opportunity. Purchased prior to Hughes's arrival (or at least the main bulk of negotiations were), it is difficult to see much of a future for him so could Hughes be tempted?

To bring in a player of Adriano's talent should be a given, yet it would be difficult to ignore the 'baggage' that may accompany him and he does not seem to be the type of player Hughes is seeking to bring in.

He could however link well with compatriot Robinho, would be more suited to the Premier League than Jo is, and could, perhaps crucially, be the 'big name' addition that the board may wish to see arrive at the club amidst some of the lesser names Hughes could well add.

It does seem likely that it is mere speculation - and likely to stay that way - but it would be interesting to see whether if Hughes was offered this deal, would he bite?

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