Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kaka open to a possible move

Contrary to the indications given yesterday, when he talked of his ambition to “grow old with Milan”, Kaká has told his agent, Diogo Kotscho, and Galliani that he may well accept City’s offer if the conditions are right. These apply not only to his wages, which would be worth £13.6 million a year after tax, but also to Milan’s acquiescence and the legitimacy of City’s plans and ambitions.
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Following reports late this afternoon, in which Kaka appeared to reject any potential move, Oliver Kay in The Times suggests that this may not be the case with one of his advisors, Diogo Kotscho making positive noises:
“If Milan let us talk, then we will see what City have to offer. It was a great proposal but it’s not about only money. We have to see if Manchester City have a project to become a Champions League team and become one of the top teams in the world and to stay there long term.”
The report does suggest one condition that could be placed in any agreement would be a get out clause which would allow Kaka to move for a minimum fee should Champions League football not be attained by the end of the 2009/10 season.

It isn't the last we are likely to hear about Kaka over the next week or so, and you do get the impression that there will be plenty going back and forth before things fall in to place one way or the other.

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