Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hughes criticism a dangerous move

"I didn't expect the other team to show more desire but I am just being honest," Hughes said. "I am not telling anyone anything they didn't see themselves. I have known the frailties in the team from day one."

"You need leaders, people who drive the game and affect it in a positive way," Hughes said. "If we have more than one, two or three players below their best, then we struggle to win games. We have shown that throughout the season."

"I know exactly what is needed here," Hughes said. "The work we do on a day-to-day basis makes players better. They have to be brave enough to perform in matches. Today some were guilty of not doing that. We know where we are in development terms and we know where we need to go."

>>Mark Hughes.

It may be an honest assessment of the squad from Hughes, and not the first time in the wake of a defeat that he has been highly critical of his team - but not to quite the extent he has was in the wake of the defeat to Nottingham Forest.

The comments are certainly strongly worded, and are potentially dangerous for Hughes given that they could be viewed as an attempt to deflect blame or criticism from himself onto the team. Footballers are notoriously temperamental beings, and I wouldn't imagine the majority will react too kindly to such public admonishment time and again.

With the addition of Wayne Bridge, almost half of the side that finished last season under Sven have been replaced and stories have surfaced this season already regarding divisions within the squad. Hughes clearly wants to revolutionise the squad and bring in his own players, and it is not too much of a stretch to identify those players who do not have a future under him.

What he desperately needs more than anything is a successful run of results and to generate some degree of form and momentum that can be built upon. If results do not pick up, the pressure will continue to build on him, and with this pressure will only come more questions about him and his managerial style and approach.

Whilst he clearly appears to have the unequivocal confidence of those in control of the club at the moment, this could soon change if the he loses the backing of the players he is in charge of.

Comments like those today will hardly help his cause.

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Anonymous said...

Sack Sack Sack
Mr Hughes you lost the plot weeks ago!

How much longer do we have to put up with this!?

Anonymous said...

totally agree out NOW!performances in general have been poor,Hughes picks the team, hughes decides the tactics, hughes is supposed to motivate his side, none of which he is doing, get a high profile manager in who CAN handle top quality players and win games otherwise it is going to be a very long winter fighting relegation.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather sack the spineless players, we need to get rid of the negative influences in the squad.
The majority of those players out there today just didn't give a damn about our club.

Patrick said...

How long are fickle fanss going to blame management for poor performances and this I can't be bothered attitude.

I will point fingers, Richards (Attitude problem), Dunne (Caught in the middle + not good enough), Didi (You need to retire now I'm sorry to say), Ball(A good stand in but essentaily not a first team player at this time) Garrido (Not sure about you but possibly you can make it), Elano(Big girls blouse you should leave because you're not good enough), Jo (You need to grow up first), Vassell( No doubt your a hard worker but your no good anymore), Ben-Haim(just poor really) The rest of you I have no opinion except to say players to stay are: Seany, Robbo, Stevie, Kompany, Zabletta, Petrov, Sturridge, Hart, Caicedo, Boj,Benji, Chedwin, Johnson.

Get behing the manager for once in your life City fans before these crap players revolt again like they did last year..

I'm Fed up of the part time, half baked can't be bothered attitudes of a lot of the City players we need to cut out the cancer and Hughes try to obtain the cash to replace the team and lets the rest play in reserves until someone wants to buy them.

Better still just give them away to get rid of them.....

Anonymous said...

The only negative influence is the one that should motivate the team but obviously can´t do it.

Anonymous said...

Hughes is parrot like in repeating excuses we have all heard down the years.
There must be a well thumbed bad managers excuses book on a shelf in his office.
I may be wrong but seem to recall Allan Ball with the same "its not my fault its the players" nonsense.
I need more time, is an old favourite also being repeated.
Wonder what old chestnut will be next ?

Anonymous said...

The attitude of these players beggars belief! I fully support Hughes in his criticism of that team today. I honestly think if he could he would just sack them for their spineless efforts. I would if it was my company but contracts are contracts! These players should be giving there all to try and get contracts elsewhere rather than sulking because their days are numbered.

Dead wood needs burning! Dunne, Elano, Vassell, Hamann, TBH and Benjani need showing the door ASAP, Richards needs a good Kick up the A**e and dropping. Bellamy would be a fantastic player for us right now....but please dont play him up front on his own!!! Get Toure and will get no end of passion from them. Forget fancy players...we will end up relegated, we need fighters and before next weekend or we'll play Pompey back into form!!

Enough said

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with Patrick - these players have not performed to the standard expected and required in their contracts - they are in breach of contract and should be dismissed (all bar 1 or 2).

They are all overpaid, spineless, lazy prima donnas who need to be shown the door asap and send a message to the rest of the PL that the players no longer control the club.

Cut out the cancer, heal the team and regrow, it is the only way.

Anonymous said...

There are several players who are either too complacent, couldn't care less, are totally unmotivated or are simply not good enough. It doesn't matter who the manager is, we won't improve whilst they are there. Can't be bothered to name them all. Patrick's list is pretty accurate.

Wigan Blue said...

As far as the players are concerned, a number seem to have convinced themselves that they will be on their way soon - and that's probably self-fulfilling.

It's true to say that I'm disappointed in their attitude. How could they have left the pitch to that crowd response at half time and not come out for the second half ready to die for the shirt? You can only assume they are prepared to do a Mick Mills and sit out their contracts.

But having said that, what we are seeing is donkeys led by a donkey. Strategy? Play Fernandes because he runs around a lot - never mind the end result. Play Elano so deep that he can't possibly have an influence on the game. And tactics? Bring on Darius for SWP because he runs around a lot - never mind the end result. Hoof the ball into the air on every possible occasion so that our small playmakers can outjump the opposing giants and win the ball that way.

Small wonder then that the team are at sixes and sevens. The only time we managed to turn this nonsensical approach around was against Blackburn, and I'm convinced that the players out of shame decided to ignore their instructions as the game was coming to an end.

The best we can hope for is that MH realises how far out of his depth he is (the fish have lights on their noses, by the way), and leaves the players to come up with a system by themselves.

GAGA said...

Patrick u r right about players being lack luster but sayin that hughes is at fault for alot of it any1 who knows football can see it, our team not being able to keep its shape, our defenders not knowing wat goal side is,not being able to pass a ball these are things that have been happening since the start of the season and have not been sorted out on the trainin pitch hughes is not the man and im not a city fan that has never called for a managers head b4 but i think the players we have now are good enough to be doing better and hughes is not sortin them out 1 way or another,it put it in a nut shell for me today when he turned his bk and let his assistant deal with 2players that were arguin, dont get me wrong if there was a protest for his head i wud not b there but sumut has to change hopefully he will make sum good signins, to be fair mostly his signins have been our performers so lets hopefully look forwards and things will change. o well we can concentrate on winnin the uefa now we are out of the fa cup lol CTID

furq said...

Unbelievable that the manager should bear the blame for the performance of his charges (well at least Elano, Ball, Hamann, jo and Fernandes). Richards just about escapes overt criticism but he needs to pick up his game to the level of last season and ditch the steroids/bodybuilding. Dunne wasnt on form, Zab was a tad over-turkeyed, SWP and Studge were the only attacking threats. Hughes has limited assets (ahem) at his disposal fer now. I blame the players

Anonymous said...

Hughes's comments are a breath of air. He has inherited less than average from previous regimes and of course dross from the Sven era. People have poor memories if they think we were great under Sven, from January we were worse than we are now.

Mark has signed 3 or 4 players, all of which are by the far and away the best we have. Give him time, he will shine through.

Ian said...

At first I wrote quite a long piece regarding the situation we are in and the abilities of MH and the players etc. Then I pressed delete...

... it's quite simple MH is out of his depth, blaming all but himself, as usual. Our players are not world beaters but they are better than this.

Taxi for Mr Hughes, please.

Mickey Finn said...

I am so angry after that dismal performance yesterday, I have been watching City for moe years than I care to remember and this is the first time I have ever written to criticise any City manager. Somebody please explain why when we are 0-2 down to a lowly championship team we bring on a defensive midfielder (Hamann) and why he move Gelson (right footed midfielder) to play wide left ? . We should have gone 4-3-3 to try and get back into the game, and for a team with no width why did we not give a chance to young Vlad Weiss, a fantastic reserve prospect who plays as a winger ?
The team is reflection of the manager, no heart, spineless, clueless and inept. He should go now.

longwayfromhome said...

I'm afraid the writing has been on the wall regarding MH's lack of leadership since mid-October. Inexplicable team selections and tactics coupled with public criticism of players when it doesnt work has all lead to public player unrest and next to zero confidence. His recent cliched outbursts are just proof he does not know what to do. I have not since the days of AB wished for a manager to be shown the door before his time but he needs help or a P45.

Aaron said...

Why is everyone blaming MH? yes, maybe his tactics are a bit poor, but so what, when the players put on that shirt, they should play their hearts out. The only players I would keep at this moment are Kompany, Robinho, Ireland, Sturridge, Bridge, SWP, Caicedo nd Zab.

Currently, Richards is so far up his own arse so he should be thrown into the reserves to sort his act out. TBH is jst not gd enuf, as well as Dunne. Elano, although creative, is just not performing. Jo needs to go out on loan, possibly to CSKA, and recreate his form from last season. Hamann, is too old now for it, Gelson I think could go out on loan. Evans is rubbish, everyone is just sayin he has done well because he came from the academy, but what has he done, apart from scoring against Pompy?

So, all city fans out there slating MH, think abwt it a bit and the players Hughes has brought in, have been playing the best. I remember when Red Nose down the road was a game away from getting sacked but somehow beat Forest in the fa cup, and then went on to win it. Since then, I hate to admit it but United have been brilliant.
All we need is a few more players to motivate the side such as a centre half, someone like Senna to partner Kompany in midfield, and a striker who can score for fun! Not Santa Cruz or Bellamy, a goalscorer like David Villa, Didier Drogba etc


Anonymous said...

the players a paid a fortune to perform. Think about it some of them 50 thousand pound a week plus. They should absolutely know how to beat team like Forrest without even thinking about it. I lay the blame at the terrible terrible attitudes of some of the players. The quicker we can replace these the better. Give Hughes more time.