Friday, January 30, 2009

Given granted permission to hold talks

Breaking news in that Newcastle's Shay Given has been allowed to speak to ourselves over a possible move.

No mention of any agreed move at this stage but more details to follow shortly no doubt.

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BluePeter said...

I only hope Joe hart is being advised properly and doesn't throw his toys out of the cot and demand a move because he is not the automatic No. 1 now that Given is about to arrive.
Hart could have a superb future in front of him and I'd like to think it is at City.

Anonymous said...

Given great signing hart isnt good enough yet but i would also like him to stay and learn and be our keeper in a few years but if he doesnt want to wait and be part of something massive that looks to be on the verge of happening next few years then he can go we dont have to e worried about players wantin to go now, bring on given and if it is 7 million for shay that is a bargain