Friday, January 16, 2009

The days best City links 01/16/2009

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JYak said...

I find the combination of Kaka and De Jong very interesting. A lot of press has been pointing out that if we do manage to land both, we suddenly have a glut of midfield players and many that fit roughly the same mold in terms of preferred positional style - behind the striker - with Robinho, Ireland, Elano, and Kaka.

Back to reality, though and not the press... Robinho stays left (until Petrov is back next year), Wrighty-right, and Kaka and Ireland working box to box in front of De Jong. Kaka actually playing more of a holding role in that he has the creativity to keep the ball through astute passing (much like a Fabregas) and the physical prsence to shield and delay (far more so than Fabregas).

What I'm getting at is that the double trnasfer swoop is particularly brilliant in that it gets the star quality the board and fans long for but also gets at the heart of our problems: defense. Lost in all of this is the reality that if both go through, Kompany is free to move... to central defense.