Monday, December 29, 2008

A welcome end to a poor year

We have now rounded out the 2008 calendar year, and all being told it hasn't been the most successful year. Interesting also that despite the recent calls for Hughes's head there was an (admittedly slight) improvement on the finish to Sven's tenure.

A total of 38 games have been played - 18 to round out 2007/08 and 20 to begin 2008/09, with it being a toss up for which has been the most disappointing. The slide over the second half of last season was an underwhelming end to a season which offered so much promise, whilst the expectation heading this campaign has not been realised by results on the pitch (UEFA Cup aside) so far.

Our total record for 2008 is as follows:

P38 W 11 D8 L19 Pts41

This is comprised of:

2007/08 P18 W5 D4 L9 Pts19
2008/09 P20 W6 D4 L9 Pts22

If this were translated over the course of a full season it would signal a relegation battle, and whilst the expectation is that January will herald a bright new chapter it does illustrate that there is still plenty of work still to be done.

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Anonymous said...

The year wasnt that poor,come on guys we have seen worse we aint close yet to be top team and it could of gone worse. we have been shit granted but nothing we aint used to its not us the fans that should feel down about this year its hughes and the players who should, we worry bout our club under achievein too much of the time, so seems its the end of the year lets look on the bright side this year was great for sum stuff for instance i got to see my all time favourite player < (b4 he came to us) and also one of the best players in the world Robinho in our blue of man city not to shabby so chin up altho its hard to do. CTID

Anonymous said...

This was also the year we Signed one of the top 5 players in the world, Brought our darling little feller home and saw Stevie I increase his value at least 4-fold. We were taken over by a group with a huge fortune burning a hole in their pocket, whose ambition finally match our own. We are in the last 32 of the Uefa Cup, the furthest we have been in donkeys. This year has seen some of the best football played since the Glorious days of Bell, Lee and Buzzer, and are at present 2nd to only Chelsea in the highest goals scored so far. For the first time in years our future is looking bright and we are focused on whats ahead of us instead of what is looming behind. I guess this point of veiw makes me a glass half full type of lad, and yours makes this site just as dull as the laughingly titled 'Vital football'. Kevin Jones - M9LAD ny.

Danny Pugsley said...

What the intention of the post was for was to have a quick look at results on the pitch during 2008, which, with the facts in front of us does not make for pleasant reading.

I certainly don't see a repeat during 2009 though, and would agree (moreso than a lot of fans are doing) that many of the pieces required are in place and hopefully can be built upon over the forthcoming year.

newsoftheblues said...

doesn't the signings or robinho, swp and the form or ireland highlight how poor we have been. Despite having one of the best player in the world and a multi million pound squad we have been largley shocking in 2008.

From Sven's demise and the ownership changes to the largly dissapointing start to mark hughes city career which had us languishing in the relegation zone for christmas.

Scoring alot of goals is great, but wehave conceeded far too many. was it not city who scored 104 goals in one season to only conceede 100.

It's a pretty normal thing to do, reviewing the year, and the years has been pretty difficult, hopefully 09 will be brighter and it fun starts in january.

Anonymous said...

We are building a new exciting team for the future, We have been crippled by injurys and several of our key players have suffered a spectacular loss of form. We have also been the Victims of WAY more than our fair share of bad refereeing decisions. At times we have played badly. We have also beaten WHU, Sunderland, and Arsenal (admittedly a weakend Arsenal) 3-0, Pompey 6-0 and the recent destruction of Hull, We easily had the beating of Liverpool and Spurs before having players sent off. If your talking shocking cast your mind back to Keegans last 2 years and Pearces awful season when we were all praying for Samaras to come good, after being forced into selling our favourite Son to keep us afloat. All this while being 60 million in debt, shuffling about waiting for the TV money to come in like a plonky counting the hours to Giro day. Can you tell me hand on heart we have been THAT bad this year? If your going to reveiw the year then do just that. This has been a extrordinary, monumentous year in the history of our Club. It ABSOLUTELY has'nt just been about results. A welcome end to a poor year? Taking all things into consideration this year comparitively speaking has been the best in decades. Its all about opinions I hear you say. I'm of the opinion that there are loads of positives to take and be joyfully happy about from this year, God knows we're due. I'm also of the opinion that its Miserable moaning bleeders like you, Tommy and this dreary 4king site that perpetuate the "Typical City" doom and gloom mindset the New Order is trying so desperately to get away from. Normally I wouldnt even bother to reply to this kind of tedious tripe, but I'm so pissed off with whiners, mouth foamers and knee jerk reactionarys bleating on and on about what an awful season its been. Stick with Cricket Danny. Englands current doldrums will be an Ideal place for you to wallow. M9LAD ny. PS, Happy New Year.

Danny Pugsley said...

Has it been 'that bad'? Clearly not in terms of some of the years that have gone before it where there appeared no way of progressing and events off the pitch have transformed the club like none of us could have imagined.

It has been a bad year in terms of resultsthough, there is no denying that, but where there is obviously a difference this year is we have arguably the best squad we have possessed for many, many years with the prospect of improving this tremendously, hence the expectation that 2009 will reap the rewards of this and is going to be a vast improvement.

A lot of the criticism that has been directed by fans I think is as much to with the frustration that we should be doing better with what we have (s well as the desire for instant success), but if you take a look over some of the archives there has generally been a positive tone (tinged with reality of course) and certainly not calling for any knee-jerk reactions.

For that, try the MEN site.