Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hughes given Cook backing

"It does surprise me where we are," said Cook. "But we knew
it was not going to be a quick fix. A lot of people expected a light-switch to
be flicked as soon as the club changed control. Yes, things have not gone
according to plan but that does not mean we veer off our original
"Sheikh Mansour is in step with that and Khaldoon Al Mubarak [the
club chairman] is absolutely in step with that. We know the second half of the
season will be better than the first and we want to bring some depth into the


Not the dreaded vote of confidence then, but tantamount to an acknowledgement that they (ownership) still view Hughes as the man and have no plans to replace him, although in a similar piece in The Times had a slightly more cautious note, quoting a 'for now and the foreseeable future' tone.

Cook stated he still has hopes of a top six finish this season, although admitted that a top ten position may be more of a realistic aim.

I know there is plenty of talk regarding Hughes's future, with the manner of performances as much as the results themselves being the disappointing factor.

From Cook's words though, he is not straying from the long term philosophy that was espoused when the new owenership took control at the start of the season, and on face value at least, that would suggest that Hughes remains part of that plan as well.

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