Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diarra set for Real deal

"We have always said we would only allow our players to
leave if we received an exceptional bid. We could not stand in the way of a move
such as this for Lassana."


I guess this will now show if our reported interest in Diarra is genuine or not, and if the believed bid from Real is around £20 million, it will test the resolve that we will not overpay for players.

I would be hugely surprised if he didn't sign for Real now Portsmouth have accepted an offer (especially given these comments), and if he does slip away from us does Hughes have a Plan B for this area?

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TLDORC said...

Not the best present!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot better around. Not worth £20M and he is a midget. Prefer Yaya Toure and we could prob get him for under £15M bec Barca have signed Keita and Busquets has emerged in same posn this season.