Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blackburn v Manchester City open thread

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, after scoring two on Boxing Day, Bellamy isn't even in the squad, today... surely he is on the move?

Anonymous said...

The rumours about Owen and Senna are a bit distressing. Its like being told you are getting a present for christmas that you just don't want. Not the kind of players we really need, surely it would be wiser to go for younger players with more to prove. £12m for a 32yr old, and £6m for a player who has only player one in four for Newcastle is a bit much?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, of the three players just named, I don't want any of them

Owen and Robinho? Like we ever score from in the air as it is.

I don't think you solve your box-to-box midfield problem (at least not for long) with a 32 year old .

Bellamy is just fine, if you want another Dickov... but without the all-for-the-team mentality.

Anonymous said...

...and so again it seems if we don't get attacked (if we don't score first), we can't break down a stubborn team. This is frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sturridge single-handedly made me eat my words... thankfully. Glad I didn't switch off the tele!

However, I still don't think we've shone much against determined and defensive sides. We really need to come up with a way to threaten defenses when they let us knock it around from 30 yards out. Maybe it's that lack of a threat in the air. It looks like defenses are willing to pack the box and almost dare us to send in an early cross... and we are stuck looking for through-ball gaps up the middle, gaps that just aren't there.

Defensively, how we lose track of strikers on crosses (consistently this season - if consistent is what we are looking for) is somewhat baffling.

newsoftheblues said...

gutless at thee back, dunne cuplable again, nutmegged and poor clearance led to two goals.

hart is woeful, doesnt breed confidence. kompany is by far the ebst cb we have. get senna because he is class. he may play for spain, but his from brazil so will fit right in. get a box to box midfiedler .

left back of course, ball was awful today.

and a striker, who isnt owen...who guarentees are goals but only play 5 games before he has another injury.

Bellamy has never been prolific! He is a support player, we have enough of them, especially with an impending bojinov return. he is also a twat and has pissed off everyone at all his previous clubs