Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Set for a record number of goals?

A far cry from the days when we were worried about a lack of goals, this season has seen us hit 23 goals through the first nine games at an average of 2.56 per game.

At this pace, we are on course for 97 league goals this season - which would tie United's 1999/2000 tally, which was the only time the 90 goal mark has been hit.

What is even more telling with our tally so far is that we are certain to smash our own previous best of 55 back in 2003/04 - the only time we have passed the 50 mark, and lest we forget that back in 2006/07 we only tallied 29 in the whole season.

Can this pace continue? You would think not, but given the array of attacking talent at our disposal and the confidence the attacking players are playing with then it may not be such a reach.

And if Mark Hughes can remedy the defensive frailties a little it should ensure that we are challenging right up there for the UEFA positions - if not higher.

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Anonymous said...

i think we cud keep it up like u said our attack at times is unbelieveable we should defo beat our previous best i wud go for 65+.