Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newcastle 2 City 2 - player ratings

Hart - Faultless for both goals, and had little else to do apart from pick the ball out of the net. 6

Richards - Looked good at right back, and preferable there than Ben Haim. Offers much going forward, but distribution could be better. 6

Dunne - A growing sense of disquiet over Dunne appears to be growing and it was a bad error for the goal. Not overly tested throughtout the night though. 5

Ben Haim - Steady if unspectacular. Does not look a long term answer in this position. 6

Garrido - Caught badly of out of position once but linked forward well. 6

Hamann - Neat and compact with a high passing percentage. Did his job well. 6

Kompany - Another solid performance and perhaps his best attacking display. 7

Ireland - Man of the match for me, and really offering a goal threat. Looks to have found his true position. 8

Wright-Phillips - Lively down the right hand side, but shooting could have been better. 6

Robinho - Commentators were critical but won (and scored) the penalty and provided the ball for Ireland's goal. Continued to work hard. 7

Jo - An off night for me. Failed to link with the midfield as well as he could have done and our spread of goals in the team is covering his own failings. 5


Onuoha - Good to see him back, but looked rusty and caught a couple of times. 5

Evans - Created an impression and put himself about but no real chances. 6

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Anonymous said...

I think two of these ratings are poor, stephen ireland does not deserve an 8 for me lately he has been hyped up and people are jumping on the wagon and going along with it im an admirer of his but he is so inconsistent its untrue i can remember at least 10 passes that were poor against newcastle and for me that takes everything away from him scoring because if his passing was better maybe the rest of the team would be scoring.The other rating is robinho he didnt play well he cost 32 million dont forget he was playing far far to deep and wether that was hughes or robinho decision i dont know but it reflects badly for robinho the real first time he got into the forward position where he should play apart from when he won a penalty he set up ireland and we scored he didnt work hard enough for me but you say he did i dont know where you got that from because for robinho to be working hard in a game is to be on the ball making things happen he didnt really do that apart from once.My opinion ireland 7 robinho 6