Monday, October 13, 2008

Bowen interviews Hughes

MB And now we are lucky we have an even bigger pool to choose from.

MH This club is going to change a lot, starting by the look of it. We are having a major refurbishing in the training ground, a new gym that will be a significant amount of money. The new owners want information, they want to be told what is needed and then they will give you the resources to do it. You put the arguments forward and they will back you very quickly – you don’t have to wait for decisions or committees or board-rooms. They just make decisions and the switch is flicked.

Part of a really interesting piece by Guillem Ballague, featuring a conversation between Mark Bowen and Mark Hughes, which does provide a nice glimpse into how Hughes and his staff operate behind the scenes.

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Wigan Blue said...

It also appeared in The Times, but I have a little trouble with it. Doesn't sound like the kind of conversation any manager and assistant would have - or have time for. Good to see the Times aren't as anti-City as they were though.

All the papers follow the party line on "all this money is ruining the game", coming from such notoriously hard-up clubs as Arsenal, Utd, Liverpool and Real Madrid, and also Blatter and Platini (who are doing very nicely from all the money there is in the game, thankyou very much and don't bother to apply). It would be depressing if we didn't have so much money...

If you add up all the income that the so-called top four have received from being in the Champion's League since it started (£20 million a year-ish?, for 16 years), we still have a lot of catching up to do, but Mark Hughes reported war chest of £100 million is a good start to levelling the playing field.