Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ronaldo no-go but plenty set to arrive

"We had shown a past interest in bringing the player to the football club in the right circumstances and spoke to him and his representatives," admitted a club spokesperson. "However, we have chosen not to pursue the matter."

All this of course after Ronaldo had talked publicly about the offer we had made, declaring it the 'best project' he had received.

Everything that has been in the press regarding the 'Ronaldo to City' stories has eminated either from Ronaldo or his representatives, leading me to believe it is more Ronaldo touting for a last big pay day, perhaps why the club have sought to put a lid on the speculation.

I'm sure that prior to the takeover, Ronaldo was a player that was seriously considered by Thaksin as his 'blockbuster' signing, but now that the new owners have come in (along with Robinho), the quality we have and our standing have increased - perhaps why Ronaldo's interest has pricked up.

A pay as you play deal could be something to consider, as if he can get himself fit he could still be a force, but the risk involved is surely too high to gamble, and the additional problem you have is that there then becomes a further distraction to the club and players, particularly for the other Brazilian's in the squad.

Looking at Ronaldo's career, it does seem a shame that when history looks back on his achievements, it will be for the injuries (and subsequent weight problems as a result), rather than for the wonderful talent he possessed, in my view putting him on par with Zidane as players of that particular era.

Something else that was discussed on the Football Weekly podcast (and that Jack @ tldorc has also mentioned) was by Rafael Honigstein who declared that it was widely known within the world of football agents that a list of 10-15 players had been put together by the club with a view to making a series of signings. On the list included David Villa, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Klaus-Jan Huntelaar and Mario Gomes - with Huntelaar and Gomes receiving serious offers before the most recent deadline.

An interesting feature of all the 'lists' that are being touted around are that they are full of strikers and attacking midfielders, when perhaps most apparant (certainly from Saturday against Chelsea) is that most pressing is seemingly the need for a dominant midfielder and world-class defensive additions.

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