Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More on the takeover

The takeover was officially confirmed yesterday, and the new ownership (or Chairman at least) filled the sports pages of the all the press yesterday, outlining their plans for the club (with a statement posted on the, discussing in particular the Academy, transfer targets and Mark Hughes's role (describing him as an honest man, a leader').

As I posted previously, the statements we have seen recently have been noticeable for the reticence and more reserved tone than those which eminated in the immediate aftermath of the takeover announcement.

Particularly striking was their backing for Hughes and Garry Cook:

"Mark Hughes is as good as they get and we are backing him all the way," the new chairman, Khaldoon al Mubarak, said yesterday. "One thing I have made very clear to Mark is that any player he wants comes from him. I'm a fan, not an expert. It is Mark who runs the club and Mark who will make the football decisions. We are here to support and make financial decisions, but we are not here to teach Mark or [the executive chairman] Garry Cook what to do.

"They are the professionals, we trust them, we have confidence in them and we are going to support them. We are here to learn. There is a dynasty here in the making. But once owners start thinking they know better than the coach, it's a recipe for disaster."

Whilst no doubt they will have their own ideas and plans for the club - particularly for in terms of recouping their investment, it is pleasing to see that it does appear that the new ownership are a sensible lot in terms of their immediate expectations and also their backing for the current management (club and playing side), and a breath of fresh air following the nonesense that was by and large seen during Thaksin's reign.

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