Monday, September 01, 2008

Deadline day - Robinho set to sign

Seemingly all but confirmed now, with Ramon Calderon stating:

"We have agreed to sell the player for human reasons, for footballing reasons and for an important quantity of money."
Marca are also now confirming it.

It is a lot of money - certainly more than Chelsea were willing to pay and is a real marker of our intentions, but an immediate question is where exactly will he fit into the line-up as it has created a log jam in the attacking forward role now.

It will be an important signing as it will be a real 'impact' signing for the new regime and will put us firmly on the map (the sort of signing Thaksin hoped Ronaldinho would be), and although the deadline will likely pass without any further signings, it bodes well for January and (more importantly) next summer when we could see some real business being conducted.

What it also will deal is increase the pressure on Mark Hughes to deliver Champions League football - perhaps not this season, but definitely next.

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Anonymous said...

What a overated player!