Sunday, September 14, 2008

City 1 Chelsea 3 - player ratings

Hart - Solid overall, with one or two shaky mometnts. Could not be faulted for the goals. 6

Zabaleta - Difficult debut. Overrun at times by Chelsea's attacking play. Positive going forward. 6

Ball - Like Zabaleta, struggled without much support. Will surely not feature long term. 6

Richards - Strong and solid after his injury, but dodged a penalty with a foul on Anelka. 7

Dunne - Strong in the air, but ill at ease at times against the pace and precision of Chelsea. 5

Kompany - The 'shield' in front of the defence. A strong player with leadership qualities. 7

Hamman - Without Johnson did not have many options to link with the attack. 6

Wright-Phillips - Started brightly and linked well with Robinho. Over-elaborate in the second half. 7

Ireland - Best player in the first half. Fell away late and lacked confidence in front of goal. 7

Robinho - Very good debut. Has the tricks but linked with the team well. Great free kick. 8

Jo - Link up play was impressive, is strong on the ball and has a good touch. Lack of goals could be a problem. 7


Gelson - Replaced Hamman and offered more energy. 6

Sturridge - Qualities are obvious and will be a good impact player from the bench. 6

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