Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's Kompany?

"There is a president with ambition, players with ambition, coaches with ambition, a manager with ambition and that helped me to make this decision.

"I just had a good feeling with everybody I was talking to inside the club. I felt some kind of dynamic.

"When you feel that there are dynamic people, and who have knowledge about football and stuff like this, you know you are in a good environment to improve."

>>Vincent Kompany.

From what little I've seen of Kompany, he has always impressed.

He appears to be a young, ambitious player - exactly the kind we should be looking to bring in to the club and I have no doubt that Mark Hughes will be looking to deploy him in midfield rather than defence.

Hughes himself was clearly enamoured, and delighted to bring him to the club:
"Vincent is one of the outstanding talents in Europe. He understands the ambition of the club. He understands where we want to take the club.

"We want to be a young, vibrant team with energy and technical ability. He comes into the category of the kind of young player we are trying to attract."

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Anonymous said...

I´m very impressed by his olympic spell ... dominating player in belgium against brazil ..... we are very very lucky to have him in the team .... Kompany is a great great talent//commander of eastlands