Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aston Villa thread

I'll leave this post open for anyone who wants to drop by before, during or after as a thread for any comments or updates on today's game.

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Huddo said...

Well, the last ten minutes was good, eh? At least we played football, and I know the defence will come good - lets just hope the strikers do. Losing Bojinov is a real blow - I feel sorry for the lad.

The whole game showed the difference a good striker makes.

Quite an entertaining game really. Apart from the fact that we lost.

Unknown said...

Decent game. 4-1 would've flattered us, we just had a deadly ten minutes against a defence that looked like it was really missing Dunne.

For what it's worth, City's passing looked crisp and pacy. You won't come up against Agbonlahor and Friedel every week and I think you'll do well. You looked like a good side that got beaten - plenty of wins coming your way, I think.