Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hughes excited by 'huge project'

“I am absolutely delighted to be here, I have already had
some great support from the fans and I’m pleased with the positive reaction to
the appointment.
It was made plain to me very, very quickly that there was a
huge project here that I wanted to be part of, it was a very easy decision for
me. I am at a club that matches my ambitions.”


Hughes certainly struck a sharp note during his press conference, with his ambition there for all to see. He clearly knows that the bar has been set high and that the demands will be huge, but that appears to drive him on as he admitted he had realistically achieved all he could under the more restrictive environment at Blackburn.

He talked of it being a project and his confidence in his own ability is clear, backing himself against any other manager in the league and there are certainly envious glances being cast our way from Stamford Bridge.

Importantly, he also denied that the City job could be a stepping stone to other jobs, intimating that if he is a success at City then his ambitions will be suitably matched and as I mentioned yesterday it is clear that Champions League qualification during his (initial) three year contract is a must.

He will need to get to work quickly though with the players, given the first UEFA qualifier is less than six weeks away, and indications were that it may well be a tougher proposition for the squad than under the more relaxed approach and demeanour of Sven, with Hughes admitting he is a demanding manager with high expectations of his squad.

One thing that the appointment of Hughes has fortunately done is draw a line under the debacle that was the dismissal of Sven, and it has instilled some confidence and hope back into the club as we hear up for a big season ahead but there is at least a positive air and people are looking forward as opposed to dwelling on the mess that engulfed the club at the end of last season.

The press conference confirmed that Jo should arrive soon, and Hughes seemed to also be behind any move for Ronaldino - which is looking far more realisitic a proposition as time goes on, and another positive in that Richard Dunne appeared to endorse the appointment of Hughes, perhaps an indication that he may be inclined to remain at the club.

The press conference can be seen in full via mcfc tv, BBC or The Guardian.

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