Sunday, May 11, 2008

Middlesbrough prediction

So, the final day of another season is upon us and we go into the game at The Riverside with the added bonus of being certainties for entry into The UEFA Cup by virtue of being the Fair Play nominee.

Ironic of course, that given Sven is hovering over the precipice of the sack, he now will seemingly (although slightly foruitiously) of not only delivering year 1 of his pledge, but also year 2 by achieving UEFA qualification.

The situation with Sven is still very much up in the air, with Scolari still stalling, and links now to both Mourinho and Rijkaard. Sven himself expects the sack, but has pushed for a quick decision to it all.

Lest we forget there is actually a game today, amidst all of the likely protests and support for Sven, and whilst the pressure is off for both sides there is the hope that the game may well turn into a fairly good spectacle.

I shouldn't expect too many changes for ourselves, although Eriksson has confirmed that Andreas Isaksson will get the start in goal today, but Onouha, Richards and Bojinov are still sidelined.

Looking at the table, there is the opportunity for us to finish eighth with a win and defeat for Portsmouth but when all is said and today I expect a 1-1 draw from today which will see us finish in ninth position, exactly as predicted back in August.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone could have predicted today's result.

Kim Jong-il will not be happy

Anonymous said...

Nice prediction. Hope you didn't put your house on it!

Anonymous said...

Just seen it - don't think Dunney touched Tuncay. Other than that, Sven's policy of not playing Isaksson all season was totally vindicated - he was lying down for three of the goals. And Elano's goal was the best of the match. Other than that, bring on the Thais - if you think you're humiliated now Thaksin, you ain't seen nothin' yet!!