Thursday, May 01, 2008

City make senior appointment

Manchester City will announce the impressive boardroom signing of one of Nike's senior sports marketing executives to run the club.

Owner Thaksin Shinawatra has moved to offer Garry Cook the position of executive chairman with the brief to turn City into a Barclays Premier League superpower.

Thaksin wanted a British supremo with an understanding of football to take the post and American-based Cook is a long-standing Birmingham fan. City will also appoint a new manager to replace Sven Goran Eriksson and invest in new players this summer, including at least one 'box office' signing.

Cook will have the responsibility of overseeing City's budget, including their player recruitment programme and expanding their global appeal, specifically across America and Asia where he has expertise of marketing the Nike brand.


More evidence then that Thaksin is beginning to re-shape the club more in the image he wants it to look, and from a purely business perspective it looks to be an impressive move to get this guy to the club. One Nike source said: 'For Garry to leave such a key position here, Manchester City must be an attractive project. We tried to keep him, but this is not about money. Clearly, they must have a great deal of ambition. This guy is a serious operator, a class act.'

It is becoming more and more apparant that this summer is not going to be quiet one.

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Anonymous said...

Im one of the City fans that did not riot for Sven to stay & i fully support our owner Thaksin & this just goes to show i was absolutely right, Thaksin made a mistake thinkig Svens name & reputation was power, i bet that was Svens selling power, the second half of the season was pathetic, SVEN OUT, I HAIL THAKSIN