Friday, January 11, 2008

Cup or league success?

Amidst the annual slating of the FA Cup following the 'big boys' fielding less than full-strength sides, I was musing over the prospect of whether I would prefer an FA Cup win or for us to maintain our league position and finish the season in 4th place - thus qualifying for the Champions League.

Unfortunately, I was unable to post up the past couple of days and the guys over at Vital Football beat me to it and ran a poll, which came out well in favour of a 4th placed finish.

Personally, it would have to be an FA Cup win but speaking to other Blues, views are definitely mixed on this and perhaps it is a sign of the times with the game in this country that the Premiership riches are outweighing anything else - even the possibility of hoisting a trophy.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

FA Cup for me please.

I didn't get to the play off final in 99 so I'd like to see City at Wembley if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

I'd pick a league success for me. The media coverage is far greater when it comes to the league. I might risk to miss all the games here (in Sweden) since I believe that TV won't show the FA CUP.

I'd rather see City play in the league than not at all.

Well, it's always the MCFC-TV option but I'm having severe problem to order it with a credit card (the problem seems to be that MCFC-TV use a UK standard towards credit card payment that isn't international) and a monthly subscription isn't possible outside UK. They have to work on that. Anyone else having problem with MCFC-TV?

Markus Sweden

Anonymous said...

Isn't great not to be worried about the drop zone! Either would be fabulous after so long under acheiving. If pressed, I would take the Silverware this season and let the experience of lifting a trophy make the team hungry for more next year.

Derek in Melbourne

Anonymous said...

Being selfish a FA Cup win is a great day for the fans but it doesnt offer the kind of rapid progression and exposure that the Champions League brings and so the latter is undoubtedly better for the Club.

Also with the cash influx and increased appeal to better players a Champions League place could arguably increase your chances of winning a domestic cup in the future.

Sharjah Blue said...

I'm gonna be greedy;whats the matter with having both?!
Come on you Blues!