Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sunderland prediction

We go into the game aiming for a magnificent seven victories at home to start the season. I do expect us to win this game, but perhaps not without a struggle or two along the way.

No doubt Roy Keane will receive a warm welcome, and despite the plaudits he has received from the press this season, his Sunderland side have struggled for the large part - hovering around the lower reaches of the table.

Keane has spent a large amount of cash in preparing for this season - largely on unproven players, but one I will give him credit for is Kenwyne Jones - who I was very sceptical of when he spent more than £5million to bring him to the club, but has impressed over the last month in particular.

As for ourselves, Onouha will step in for the injured Richards - with Corluka moving into the centre, and Petrov may well be ruled out again.

We have stuttered at times during the past couple of games, although still picking up wins and I don't think this one will be a classic - but we will be good enough to keep the home streak going with another 1-0 win.

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Anonymous said...

Curluka moving to centre half is good news all round , for him his prefered position and when richards returns he will be better employed as an attacking full back.