Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Identity crisis?

The visual identity for the 2008 UEFA Cup final at the
City of Manchester Stadium will be unveiled at a special ceremony in the English
city on 6 December.
The final of the UEFA Cup has, in recent years, been
given a personality of its own via a complete design concept developed
especially for the event.

The initial idea that inspired the creation of a new
identity for each final was to develop a specific design featuring the UEFA Cup
and add a distinctive flavour of the host city.

The objective is to help promote the final and enhance
the prestige of one of the Europe's biggest sporting occasions.


A 'distinctive flavour of the host city' - any suggestions?

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Oliver said...

i didn't know the Uefa cup final is to be held at ur stadium. All in all that stadium deserves to stage such massive events since its beutifully built. Although I'm a United supporter I appreciate ur work on this blog and would like to congratulate you. We could share a banter after each game, no? hehe if you want we could exchange links. cheers mate

Anonymous said...

Bugger off Oliver....

Think it's got to be the blue ship and the red rose. OK, we don't get many ships coming up to Manchester now (the Liverpool dackers put paid to that) but it's where the money originally came from. "England's bread hangs from Lancashire thread"