Monday, November 26, 2007

City 2 Reading 1

The 100% home record looked as though it would end on Saturday until Stephen Ireland's late strike, which saw us close the gap on United and also keep the distance between ourselves and those teams looking to break into the top four.

The fantastic winning goal - and timing of it appeared to even get Sven carried away after the game, with him reported as saying “It’s better to have high expectations than low ones,” he said. “It’s important that we - the players, the coaches – keep our feet on the ground. But the fans - why not dream and be happy?”, although his end of season prediction is still under wraps until the turn of the new year.

It is now the best start to a home campaign in club history, and it is fair to say that not all eight games have seen swashbuckling football in which opponents have been carved open and cast aside, but wins are wins, and by and large we are still picking up the plaudits for our style of play - Steve Coppell reflected on the irony that for all our nice play, it was a long ball that ultimately created the goal.

Digging out results has not been City's forte too often over a sustained period of time, but once again when the chips were (slightly) down (injuries, lack of fitness for key players) we still manage to come away with a win and all three points.

Despite the predictions of many, the bubble is yet to burst, and if anything keeps on getting stronger.

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Anonymous said...

The bubble burst against Chelsea (or didn't you notice?) We've started a new and better bubble now. Let's start by crushing Wigan by at least 5 (What a pity that fixture couldn't have been on Boxing Day). Now we need to start going through all the dead-beats that gave us such a hard time last season and making them eat it.

And, on the 12th April, lets lay that red piece of shit Keane across the table and put ten up his arse for Alfie.