Tuesday, October 30, 2007

City to feature in TV comedy

THE team are riding high in the Premiership and their manager is rarely out of the headlines - it's safe to say Manchester City's showbiz currency has never been higher.

So it's perhaps little surprise that ITV appear to be jumping on the Blues bandwagon - and are looking at screening a new comedy series based around the lives of a group of City fans.

The new comedy has been filmed on location across the region, and follows the lives of a group of City fans who have moved away from Manchester but all travel up to the matches every weekend on the train.

The comedy, called `Til We Die, stars Phoenix Nights' Steve Edge and former Coronation Street favourite Sally Lindsay in the lead roles as husband and wife footie fans.


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spunkstain said...

another fuckin gripping article danny keep it up

Wigan Blue said...

We really attract them on here don't we?

No problem with a comedy about City at all. Anyone remember 'The Dustbin Men' with Winston, Cheese 'n Egg & Heavy Breathin' ? Think the dustbin van was called 'Challenger'

Go for it ITV - you might make me laugh, and God knows we need a few of those after last season!

SoccerShoutPhil said...

Was this comedy inspired by Saturday's game by any chance?

(Sorry, but someone had to..)

weenie said...

Soccershoutphil beat me to it - Red Mancs at work are saying the comedy's all about the 6-0 Chelsea game...it was just a blip, wasn't it?

Graham - Manchester said...

Here's an idea spunkstain; why don't you fuck off and do one you prick?

Wigan Blue said...

Sally Lindsay - one of the girls of my dreams. Pity they couldn't have got Susan Bookbinder in there as well!