Monday, September 24, 2007

Press all wrong with Eriksson Chelsea link

How ironic that the press lambasted Sven-Goran Eriksson for his dour approach and tactics whilst in charge of the England side, yet following the dismissal of Jose Mourinho he has been touted in some circles as the man to deliver the free flowing and flamboyant style of play demanded by the Chelsea owner/chief executive/manager/coach (delete as applicable) - a cautionary note if there ever was one for the perils of a rich owner beginning to think they are the be all and end all at a club.

Of course, Eriksson attended Sunday's Manchester United v Chelsea game at Old Trafford, a game which you would imagine a host of Premiership managers wanting to watch (particularly those in the vicinity of the North-West), yet of course this means that he is primed and ready to be the man to be in charge (or have his strings pulled by Abramovich) at Stamford Bridge in the post-Special One era.

Eriksson was of course asked about this over the weekend, and steadfastly denied any such notion and pointed to the fact he very much intends to honour his three-year deal. Of course, Eriksson has flirted around in the past, and the spectre of 'super-agent' Pini Zahavi looms large over all of this but I don't see any circumstance that would see Eriksson bolt to Stamford Bridge.
I believe he is genuinely excited and motivated by the challenge ahead at City - of turning us into a perennial European side with designs on the Champions League. He has swathes of cash available to him in addition to an enviable crop of youngsters coming through and perhaps most crucially, he appears to have as much of a 'free-reign' in charge of a club as any other manager in the Premier League.

As typical with the press, once again a headline and angle have been created from a total non-story.

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